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2 Inch Corded Faux Wood Blinds

  • DS201


  • 2 inch

  • 10'' -110''

  • 10''-87''

  • Gray, Off white, Brown, Dark Brown, Walnut

  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Inside or Outside


Why Choose Corded Faux Wood Blinds

Corded faux wood blinds are made from high quality durable polyvinyl chloride material (also called PVC), the PVC slat of faux wood blinds is formed by extrusion. They resist the tendency to warp with moisture like real wood blinds face over long periods of time. This PVC type slat is light weight, beauty, durable. Also it has advantages of easy to clean, waterproof, resistant to moisture, mould proof and anti-scratches. They are cost-effective and suitable for variety of applications, especially for kitchens, bedroom and bathrooms. The faux wood blinds with the natural wood look of real wood blinds, and it's a affordable faux wood blinds for many users. That's why faux wood blinds are popular in the market.

Corded Faux Wood Blinds

Features of Corded Faux Wood Blinds

* Corded faux wood blinds are made from PVC material, it can resist humidity and are immune to temperature fluctuations.

* Widely size to custom, we will make the blinds size according to your demands

* Corded faux wood blinds are very resilient against stains and dirt and very easy to clean

* Flexible installation method, it can go with inside or outside mounting

* Widely color option and duplicate the colors of real wood

DS Shading Corded Faux Wood Blinds Design Highlights

1. Corded faux wood blinds PVC slat

The material of corded faux wood blinds slat comes with waterproof and mould proof performance. And not to deformed when it met high temperature.

Corded Faux wood blinds PVC slat

2. Corded faux wood blinds headrail

We choose superior steel material to design corded faux wood blinds headrail. Compare with PVC material headrail, steel headrail not deformed and will be more durable during the blinds using. Increase the blinds service life.

The headrail can match the different shape of valance, like flat or crown. You can choose your favorite valance in our here.

Corded Faux wood blinds headrail

3. Corded faux wood blinds bottom

We use 2'' solid PVC bottom on our corded faux wood blinds. It's more strong and durable. There is a clip design on the bottom, for make sure the slat not fall off during the using.

Corded Faux wood blinds bottom

4. String design on corded faux wood blinds

We choose high quality nylon cord to design faux wood blinds. Good bearing gravity and not easy to broken.

String design on corded faux wood blinds

5. Corded design

We design faux wood blinds as corded control, left tilt & right lift. Easy for using and control blinds. The rope can match the different pendant, let your blinds looks more nice.

Corded design for faux wood blinds

6. Corded faux wood blinds mounting brackets

Our brackets are support to use ceiling mounting or side mounting. It can meet your needs for different installations

Corded faux wood blinds mounting brackets

Size Specifications for Corded Faux Wood Blinds

Minimum width


Maximum width


Minimum height


Maximum height


PVC slat size



3'' & 3.25''

Corded Faux Wood Blinds Color Option

We provide more than 15 different colors for corded faux wood blinds custom. On the PVC faux wood slat surface. We also develop and design different imitation wood grain patterns according to the needs of market users. You would choose a favorite one to custom your faux wood blinds from DS Shading.

Faux wood blinds color option

DS Shading Corded Faux Wood Blinds Processing

DS Shading are a professional manufacturer in China who can design & supply various of faux wood blinds, like corded faux wood blinds & cordless faux wood blinds. We always supply good quality with cheap price faux wood blinds to our customers.