Bioclimatic Pergola

An Innovative Patio Cover that Transforms & Expands your Outdoor Space

1. Integrated design and control
2. Wide option for color, size & control
3. Adapt to ever-changing weather conditions
4. Original Manufacturer with competitive Price

What Is A Bioclimatic Pergola?


The Bioclimatic Pergola is an innovative structure, made up of folding and motorized blades, which adapts to any type of home or business. Ideal to protect and expand different spaces, and that takes into account the weather conditions of the environment in which it is inserted – rain, wind and sun.


DS Shading pergola designs are clean, classic and timeless. We have been continually improving their design for over 15 years and our pergolas are super-reliable and require minimal maintenance. We make them custom to measure and they are adaptable to any existing architectural configurations - old, new-
build or renovation, we can make it work for you. Our pergolas are as strong as they are beautiful. Initially designed to protect your patio, they can also create a new living space outside your home.