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How do We Choose the Right Folding Arm Awning for Ourself?

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How do We Choose the Right Folding Arm Awning for Ourself?

With the widely use of awning in our daily life, many people knows that Folding Arm Retractable Awning.

Of course, people would call it as Open Cassette Awnings, Semi-Cassette Awnings & Full-Cassette Awnings. But do you know the difference between them? And how do we choose the suitable one for ourselves?

How do we choose the right folding arm retractable awning for our self?

Appearance difference

1. Open Cassette Awnings: when awning fully closed, you can see the awning fabric, whole roller tube & retractable arms. All parts are exposed to the outside.

open cassette awnings

2. Semi-Cassette Awnings: when awning fully closed, between front bar & awning cassette, you still can see the partly fabric (front valance except) or roller tube.Partly fabric are exposed to the outside like this photo, it called Semi-Cassette Awnings.

semi cassette awning

3. Full-Cassette Awnings: when the awning fully closed, you can not see any fabrics. The fabric rolls inside the cassette completely and the arms fold inwards. The front bar and cassette form a complete unity, looks very nice. Full cassette awnings are high protects the awning fabric and moving parts from the wind and the rain.

full cassette awning

Using life difference

Under the same conditions of use. Because of the open cassette awnings without any cassette protection. The fabric is exposed to the sun for a long time, through the wind and rain, the fabric easy to get fading and corroding. Reducing the awning using life.

Full Cassette Awnings is best one. Cause the aluminum cassette protect the awning fabric and arms avoid to suffer of rain & wind. Reducing the degree of rain erosion, enhance the using life. Also the fabric not easy to fade, does not affect the appearance.

Semi cassette awnings is mediate.

Price difference

Under the same material design, the cheapest one is open cassette awnings, semi cassette awnings is mediate, the price of full cassette awnings is the highest. The reason is clearly,  cause the awning arms' size difference, front bar size difference and cassette design. Comprehensive these, it's not hard to see the price difference between them.


Everyone need according to their actual needs and economic budget to choose a suitable folding arm awnings. If you are pursue high quality and have enough budget, full cassette awnings will be a choice which you want to consider. Whereas if you have a compact budget, open cassette awning might be the best choice for you. Come on and DS SHADING will recommend you the best one when you hesitate.

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