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Half cassette vs full cassette awning

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Half cassette vs full cassette awning

Half cassette awning and full cassette awning are the 2 most common styles of retractable awning on the market. 

So, what's the difference between half cassette awning and full cassette awning?

Half Cassette Awning

Half cassette awning also called semi cassette awning, it's ideal for most situations, delivering a medium level of protection from weather damage and general wear and tear from the elements. The top of the fabric roll is protected by a tough case, and you can also invest in end caps if you want extra safeguarding from rain damage or dirt collecting. If you have a more sheltered garden or patio, a semi cassette awning may be sufficient for your needs.

half cassette awning

Full Cassette Awning

Full cassette awning delivers the highest level of protection from the elements, as the roller and the whole arm mechanism are enclosed when the awning is retracted. This shields the whole system from the elements, including heavy rain, and from dirt that can accumulate. If you live in a busy area, full cassette awnings are ideal as they are protected against vandalism or damage too, making them a great choice for commercial and residence.

full cassette awning

In summary

Whatever each type of retractable awning you decide to purchase depends on the type of property you’ll be installing it on and the level of protection the awning will have as a result. If your outdoor space is already quite sheltered, you may find that an open or semi cassette awning is sufficient.

However, if you have an open garden without much protection from balconies or overhangs above, or you’re a business and want to protect your awning from damage or vandalism, then a full cassette awning may be a better option to protect your investment.

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