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How to clean faux wood blinds

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Why We Need to Clean Faux Wood Blinds Frequently?

Faux wood blinds provide extra resistance to moisture, scratches and fading. To get the most out of your faux wood blinds, you need to maintain them regularly. If your corded/cordless faux wood blinds are looking a bit dusty, dirty, or smudged, you're in luck, because they're one of the easiest window coverings to clean! Faux wood is made of a composite wood-like material, which makes it water-safe and more durable than real wood.

Faux wood blinds provide a modern look for your home. They are lightweight and easy to clean. If you clean your blinds at least once a week, your blinds will look good. They'll also do their job of providing privacy and protection for your living space.

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How to Clean Dust off From on Faux Wood Blinds?

This will likely be your most frequent cleaning task when it comes to your faux wood blinds. You should dust your faux wood blinds at least once a week.

Dust your blinds weekly with a feather duster or a dry microfiber cloth. You can clean dusty blinds more easily by closing the blinds and running the duster or cloth over each slat and then working your way up and down and side to side. Open the blinds and close them again going in the opposite direction and repeat the process. To repel dust for the future, you can run a dryer sheet over the slats after you dust.

Best Way to Clean Dirty Faux Wood Blinds

If the dust is too thick for a duster or microfiber cloth, or if you live in a humid climate where dust sticks to the blinds more easily. Just as faux wood blinds in the kitchen are more prone to grime from food. Try below technique:

     * Create a diluted mixture of lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

     * To clean faux wood blinds with vinegar, pour white vinegar into a small bowl instead of using water.

     * Close the blinds so they’re all going one direction.

     * Remove the blinds from the windowsill.

     * Dampen a rag or microfiber cloth and run it over each slat.

     * When you come across a stubborn stain, scrub it with the cloth.

     * After wiping every slat, flip the blinds over and wipe the other side.

     * Dry both sides of the blinds with a dry cloth. Make sure you remove all moisture before you hang the blinds back up.

     * Wipe each side with a dryer sheet to guard against dust buildup.

How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds Strings?

When you clean your faux wood blinds, you should also clean the strings between the wood slats. If your blinds are in the kitchen, where food and drinks can spill, the pull cord could also develop grime. Take care of grime with these simple tips:

  • Use shoe polish: To clean your blinds' strings, put a little shoe polish on a dry rag. Wipe the strings with the rag until the grime and dust come off.

  • Use shaving cream: Shaving cream works if you don't have shoe polish or if the strings aren't white. Squirt a small amount of shaving cream onto a cloth and rub the cord until it's clean.

  • Use bleach or an alternative: Take a plastic bag and create a mixture of 50% bleach and 50% water. Put the cord in the bag, close the bag with a clothespin, and leave it overnight. The pull cord will look brand new. You could also use a mixture of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide if you don't want to use bleach.

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