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What Are Zipscreen?

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What Are Zipscreen?

Zipscreen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Zipscreen utilises patented z-LOCK technology to zip-guide the fabric and create a fully sealed, ultra-smooth fabric finish, to protect against sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.

Zipscreen is base on modern electric roller blinds technology, add anti-wind side guide with zipper system on both sides of roller blinds fabric. Make the overall zipscreen to achieve effective wind resistance, wind resistance can reach 12 grade. 

At present, the zipscreen has successfully replaced the traditional sense of outdoor roller blinds. The zipscreen frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy, durable, waterproof and rust prevention. Zipscreen fabric uses professional outdoor windproof and sunscreen fiberglass fabric, color fastness up to 8 grade. Zipscreen is fashionable, safe, durable, is the best option for outdoor shade.

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Zipscreen has the following five characteristics and advantages:

1. Energy Saving

Zipscreen can block most of the heat into the indoor, especially in summer, reduces the time for air conditioning. In winter, maintain the indoor temperature by reducing the heat loss.

2. Prevent Glare

Zipscreen can prevent glare on a TV or computer screen. Provide an all-black environment indoors during the day to create an excellent sleep environment.

3. Attractive Appearance

Compare with traditional roller blinds, zipscreen can enhance the beauty of buildings. You can choose the zipscreen frame color for best matches the appearance of building. To give people visual enjoyment .

4. Prevent Privacy

Most of roller blinds are made of plastic frame. When the sunshine is strong, they will became a little transparent. From the cracks on the blinds, it will easy to see the indoor. But zipscreen perfect to avoid these problems.

5. Expand the Line of Sight

Zipscreen equip with the fabric with hole-opening characteristics. Not only can block the strong light very well, adjust indoor brightness and temperature, but also comes with good air permeability. At the same time, it also does not affect the outdoor view from indoors.

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