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What is a Bioclimatic Pergola

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What is a Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic pergola has greatly increased the utilization rate of outdoor places. It's no problem for us to close to nature on sunny and rainy days.

DS Shading aluminum Bioclimatic Pergola can realize free ventilation, adjust the shading angle and drainage the rain. It's more convenient and safe for us using in the daily life.

The Bioclimatic Pergola is a new independent system product derived on the basis of aluminum zipscreen. Bioclimatic Pergola is while expanding our living space, also has a set of shading, rain prevention, wind prevention, dust prevention, mosquito prevention, privacy prevention and other functions in one.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Different from other ordinary aluminum pergola, DS Shading realized the integrated design of aluminum pergola and zipscreen. We have designed windproof zipscreen around the aluminum pergola, the roof of pergola designed with 2 pieces independent aluminum adjustable louvers. Roof louvers can adjustable angle from 0-90 degree. 

The whole bioclimatic pergola can realized personalized control, and light lamp or fan can be hung on the middle beam on the top louvers.

Bioclimatic pergola roof louvers

Bioclimatic Pergolas Applications 

DS Shading Bioclimatic pergolas with widely using application. Such as terrace, hotel garden, private swimming pool, villa courtyard, etc.

Bioclimatic pergola is an excellent choice for high-end quality of life.

Private swimming pool

By the pool, enough space under the bioclimatic pergola to drop the sofa, recliner or coffee table. You can easily to enjoy sunbathing.

Bioclimatic pergola 1

Outdoor dining room

Bioclimatic pergola expending your outdoor life space. 

On sunny days, choose to move the dining room to the outside, enjoy the food with your family, and get close to nature. It's also a very good experience.

Bioclimatic pergola 2

Daily leisure area

Bioclimatic pergola provide you another leisure room. It is also very pleasant to have a sip of tea or coffee, eat some snacks and talk with your friends in the sunny days. 

That's will be a good choice.

bioclimatic pergola 3

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