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PVC Venetian Blinds

  • DS203
  • 1 inch or 2 inch
  • 10'' -110''
  • 10''-87''
  • Gray, Off white, Brown, Dark Brown, Walnut
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Inside or Outside

About DS Shading PVC Venetian Blinds

DS Shading pvc venetian blinds are designed to resist moisture, warping, chipping and peeling. It's a perfect for high-humidity rooms like bathrooms, kitchen and garages. PVC venetian blinds does not require high maintenance costs, it's easy to clean which use wet cloth. These pvc venetian blinds also offer great room-darkening control, ideal for bedrooms and media rooms.

On the design, our pvc venetian blinds slat has 1'' and 2'' size, you can choose it according to your demands. There have more than 25 colors can be used on pvc venetian blinds design. We will use the similar color of headrail to match the blinds slat color, it will make the whole pvc venetian blinds looks more nice. DS Shading provide cord lift and wand tilt, you can custom the best one for your market.

pvc venetian blinds

DS Shading PVC Venetian Blinds Design Highlights

1. PVC venetian blinds slat

The slat of our pvc venetian blinds comes with waterproof, grease proofing and mould proof performance. And not to deformed when it met high temperature.

pvc slat

2. Bottom design for pvc venetian blinds

There is a plastic clip on the pvc venetian blinds bottom, for make sure the slat not fall off during the using.

pvc venetian blinds bottom

3. String design for pvc venetian blinds

We choose high quality nylon cord to design pvc venetian blinds. Good bearing gravity and not easy to broken.

string design of pvc venetian blinds

4. Wheel gear design for pvc venetian blinds

We choose high quality brass gear to design our pvc venetian blinds. It will be more friendly for big size pvc venetian blinds. It can let big size blinds operation more smoothly.

Wheel gear design

5. Clamp device for pvc venetian blinds

The purpose of clamp device on pvc venetian blinds is make blinds string more tight , to increase the blinds service life

clamp device

Optional for DS Shading PVC Venetian Blinds

Slat Size Option of PVC Venetian Blinds

According to different applications and pvc venetian blinds size, we provide 1'' or 2'' size of slat. You can easy to choose the suitable size to custom your pvc venetian blinds.

1'' pvc slat2'' pvc slat (2)

Color Option of PVC Venetian Blinds

To realize various design of pvc venetian blinds, we provide widely color options for blinds design. On the surface of slat, we also can design wood grain patterns on it. Makes the pvc venetian blinds looks like a real wood slat.

There are 2 colors available for 2'' slat, and more than 25 colors available for 1'' slat

pvc venetian blinds color option

Control Type Option of PVC Venetian Blinds

We provide 2 different control types for pvc venetian blinds, you can choose the best one according to your market needs

PVC venetian blinds with corded Lift: wand tilt at left and cord lift at right

pvc venetian blinds with corded lift

PVC venetian blind with cordless lift & lock: wand at left for tilt the slat angle, the lock device can let blinds stopped in any position

cordless & lock pvc venetian blinds

Size Specifications for PVC venetian Blinds

Minimum width


Maximum width


Minimum height


Maximum height


PVC slat size

1'' or 2''

DS Shading Cordless PVC Venetian Blinds Video

On the design of PVC venetian blinds, we can make 1'' or 2'' pvc slat. And the blinds operation can be designed as cordless or corded type. We can custom PVC venetian blinds in various size & color, welcome to send inquiry to us.