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RV Awning Screen Room

RV awning screen room also called RV awning tent, it is to match RV awning for using. A perfect room for RV awning can help you to extend outdoor living space. Gives you more funs for campering.
  • DS603SR


  • 2m, 2.5, 3m,3.5, 4m

  • White or Black

  • Water resist pvc fabric

  • Manual or electric

  • 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m


What is an RV Awning Screen Room?

RV awning screen room connect to your RV's existing awning to create a covered space off the side of your camper. Screen room for RV awnings can protect your privacy and keep you away from the insects. These screen rooms are perfect for increasing the usable space of your current RV awning, help you to expand a living space beyond the RV.  

RV awning screen rooms are often composed of waterproof material, no problem to use in outdoor bad weather. And it also may be used for a multitude of purposes, including cooking, reading, storing things, and a range of other leisure activities.

RV awning screen room

Features of RV Awning Screen Room

  • The material of RV awning rooms allows ventilation & keeping out insects

  • RV awning screen are made from non-flammable fabric and screen mesh

  • The screen room super durable, easy clean and quick drying

  • Fit DS Shading standard size manual & electric RV awnings

  • The screen room can expand your campling living area

  • It adds a layer of privacy room if you're in an RV park or another public area where you'd prefer not to feel as exposed to prying eyes.

  • An RV awning room can offers some basic weather protection for you, which protect you avoid direct sunlight and get wet in the rain in outside.

screen room for RV

RV Awning Screen Room Size

The screen room fit our current RV awning size as below. Before you order, pls confirm with us about your RV awning size. We will produce and the suitable screen rooms for your RV awnings

RV awning size



2.0m 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m   4.0m
≈ 6.5ft ≈ 8.2ft ≈ 9.8ft ≈ 11.5ft ≈ 13.1ft
1.5m ≈ 4.9ft

2.0m ≈ 6.5ft

2.5m ≈ 8.2ft

How Does an RV Awning Screen Room Works?

RV awning screen rooms connect to your RV awning, and creating a privacy room off the side of your vehicle. The screen room often composed of PVC material, it comes with multitude functions, including cooking, reading, storing things, and a range of other leisure activities. The size of screen room always matched with RV awning size. Easy for installing and cleaing, it is also called RV awning rooms or RV awning tent or extend-a-rooms for RV's.

RV Awning Manufacturer Production Photos

DS Shading is a leading RV awning manufacturer and supplier in China since 2006. We cooperate with some famous RV's manufacturers in China for many years, like COMPAKS RV, SAIC CHASE & SHANGDONG JUWEI. We focuses on custom RV awning quality, we design high quality RV awnings for matching their vehicles. 

From RV awning assemble, adjustment to products packages, a full set of process are have done in our own workshop and finished by ourselves. Our company has a professional technology research and development and quality control team. They have rich experience in RV awning production, assembling and quality detection. They could make sure our RV awnings quality good and stable. 

DS Shading committed to providing our customers with affordable RV awnings with good quality.

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