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Box Type Of Manual RV Awning

  • DS603
  • 2m, 2.5, 3m,3.5, 4m
  • White or Black
  • Water resist pvc fabric
  • Manual hand crank
  • 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m

Features of Maunal RV Awning

* Freedom wall mount installation type 

* Control via hand crank, easy to operate and use

* Box design can protect RV awning fabric & retractable parts well

* Frosted electroplating painted aluminum frame, the coating won't fall off

* RV awning fabric comes with good performance of waterproof & UV resist 

* RV awning equip with 2 adjustable support poles, the maximum height can be adjust 2.4m

Features of Manual RV Awning

Material Specifications of Manual RV Awning

Manual RV awning frame material

Aluminum alloy

Alu. box size

65.9 x 71 x 1.6mm & 134.2 x 36.6 x 1.8mm

Alu. front bar size

79 x 54 x 1.8mm

Support pole size

35.3 x 17.5 x 1.1mm & 27.2 x 13.2 x 1.1mm

Alu. support arms size

51.8 x 23.5 x 1.1mm & 36.2 x 2.08 x 1.1mm

Support pole adjust height

2m width can adjust 1.6m

2.5m width can adjust 1.9m

≥3m width can adjust 2.4m

Alu. wall brackets size

119.6 x 24.5 x 3.9mm

Size Specifications of Manual RV Awning

RV awning size



2.0m 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m   4.0m
≈ 6.5ft ≈ 8.2ft ≈ 9.8ft ≈ 11.5ft ≈ 13.1ft
1.5m ≈ 4.9ft

2.0m ≈ 6.5ft

2.5m ≈ 8.2ft

3 Using Types for DS Shading Manual RV Awning

DS Shading manual RV awning is a freedom type of wall mounting awnings, it's suitable for any types of cars. Below is our 3 types of manual RV awnings using states, you can choose any type accoding to your actual needs.

RV awnings using states

Optional Design for Manual RV Awning

1. Box colors for manual RV awning

We can provide white or black color box for manual RV awning. Our awning box are made from high quality aluminum material, it's strong and durable.

RV awning box colors

2. Fabric color option for manual RV awning

We use high quality PVC fabric to design our RV awning, the fabric comes with excellent waterproof & UV resist performance. 2 colors are available as below.

RV awning fabric colors

Manual RV Awning Details Photo Display 

RV awning 6RV awning 7

Packaging of Manual RV Awning 

There have 2 types of packages for our manual RV awnings. 

1. Packed awning with carton box with sponge liner, we put moisture proof bags on the outer cartons. This type packaing is suitable for FCL goods shipping.

2. We also can provide wooden frame packages if you need, wooden frame packages always suitable for LCL quantity goods. The package is more firm and strong during the sea.

RV awning packageswooden frame packaging for RV awnings

Applications of DS Shading Manual RV Awning

Our manual RV awnings are suitable for various types of cars, like camper, motorhome, tralier and so on.

Application of RV Awnings

Video Shows for DS Shading RV Awnings

Our RV awning easy to operate whatever it's manual or electric type. 

Pls find the best one for yourself from DS Shading.