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Outdoor Motorized Transparent PVC Zipscreen

  • DS702


  • White & Grey

  • 0.8-3m width x 5m height; 3-6m width x 3m height

  • Transparent PVC material


Features of Transparent PVC Zipscreen

* Custom-designed to fit any residential or commercial installation

* Zipscreen frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy

* Transparent PVC material fabric is 0.8mm thickness.

* Zipper track system provide the best windproof performance in outdoor area

* Zipscreen comes with UV block, rainproof, windproof & anti-insect functions.

* Remote control gives you an easy opeation and the best enjoy.

Zipscreen with PVC fabric 2

Material Specifications of Transparent PVC Zipscreen

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Alu. Cassette

118 x 118 x 1.5mm

Alu. Roller tube

70 x 1.2mm/85 x 1.2mm

Alu. Side track

38 x 60 x 2.0mm

Alu. Bottom

23 x 75 x 1.1mm

Fabric material

transparent PVC

Control methods

Remote control/ wireless switch

pvc zipscreen size

Size Specifications of Transparent PVC Zipscreen 

Design scope:

0.8-3m width x 5m height

3-6m width x 3m height

Design for Transparent PVC Zipscreen

1. Zipscreen frame color option

5 colors are available in aluminum frame

Zipscreen frame color

2. Zipscreen control option

We use Dooya brand tubular motor on our zipscreen, stable operation of motor. The control device you can choose wireless remote control or wireless switch control.

zipscreen control device

Zipscreen's PVC Fabric 

We choose high quality of pvc material as our zipscreen's fabric. The PVC fabric is transparent, its main advantage is that it allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery without any restrictions. We use high quality 0.8mm thick fabric to design our zipscreen.

Zipscreen PVC fabric

Transparent PVC Zipscreen Manufacturer Videos

DS Shading as a leading zipscreen manufacturer and supplier in China from 2006. We are more focuses on custom zipscreen blinds quality. From raw material process to products packages, a full set of process are have done in our own workshop and finished by ourselves.

Our company has a professional technology research and development and quality control team. They are very professional in zipscreen blinds production and processing and quality detection.They could make sure our zipscreen quality good and stable.

DS Shading committed to providing our customers with affordable motorized transparent PVC zipscreen with good quality.

Packages for Transparent PVC Zipscreen

We use carton box with angle packages to pack our zipscreen. This type carton box package is solid and won't get damdage during the shipping.

zipscreen packages

What Is a Zipscreen?

Outdoor zipscreen is a one type of outdoor windproof blinds, it comes with excellent performance of windproof.

On the design, a track that with a zipper system to design the whole of blinds.

The fabric is designed with zipper, it not the same as the clothing zipper. The zipper can resistant to high temperature and does not expand, also resistant to low temperature and no shrinkage. No wrinkle in working, strong tensile resistance.

On the side track, there is a inner track inside for fixing zipper fabric. This design is mainly to ensure that the fabric does not fall off.

The combination of these two designs resulted in what is known as a Zipscreen.

Zipscreen (2)