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Manual Windproof Zip Screen Blinds

Zip screen blinds is a best sunshade production for outdoor. It can be designed as motorized type or manual type which in excellent windproof and cheap price.
  • DS703


  • White & Light Grey

  • Aluminum

  • Inside or Outside

  • Width: 0.8-5m; Height: 0.8-5m

  • Fiberglass sunscreen

  • Roma Zipscreen

  • Manual or electric


What Is a Zip Screen Blinds?

Zip screen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs, and balconies, it offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round. 

Also ideal for home and office windows, it serves as a sleek, secure, and durable alternative to traditional awnings & outdoor roller shutters. Your custom designed system can be made in widths of up to 5.8 metres or drops up to 5 metres, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area.

zipscreen 6

Features of Zip Screen Blinds

* Manual Zip screen via spring lock control, easy operation and gives you the best enjoy

* Zip screen system comes with high wind resist performance, wind proof can get 130 km/h.

* Exclusive outdoor waterproof sunscreen fabric, color fastness can get 8 grade.

* Zip screen comes with good performance of UV block, rainproof, windproof & anti-insect 

* Zip screen blinds gives your house to provide a privacy space.

* Zip screen with widely used applicataion (hotel, eco house, sun room, balcony, villa and bussiness)

Zip Screen Specifications

On the design of our zip screen blinds, all of parts we are choice high quality material to design. That's why our zip screens can resist 12 grade wind on land.

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Alu. Cassette

95 x 95 x 2.0mm/115 x 115 x2.0mm

Alu. Roller tube

60 x 1.2mm/85 x 1.2mm

Alu. Side track

48.5 x 39 x 1.5mm

Alu. Bottom

30 x 50 x 1.5mm

Fabric material

Fiberglass sunscreen (blackout, 5% openness, 12% openness)

Control methods

Spring lock

Zipscreen material size

Zip Screen Operating system Benefits

* All the internal functions are integrated into a few robust components. No cut-outs from profiles, and no screws to install the motor or other parts inside the cassette.

* This also makes any future servicing much easier. The motor is easily accessible upon opening the cover, such as when adjusting end limits.

* Once the visible safety lock is unfastened the roller tube can be removed from the cassette if the fabric needs to be replaced. Simple and intuitive, with no tools required.

Custom Size for Zip Screen 

Zipscreen blinds can be customized in any size which not exceed our design scope (design scope: width 0.6-5m x height 0.6-5m)

Zipscreen size

Choose Design of Zip Screen Blinds

1. Zip screen frame color

Regular color of our zip screens are white & light grey 

(Other colors can be customized if you need)

zipscreen white framezipscreen grey frame

2. Zip screen control methods

For manual type zip screens, we design it via spring lock for manual control. You can let the blinds to stop in any position which you want. Manual control help you to realized to use zipscreen blins in freedom if there is no power supply.

Electric type via remote control also can be designed in our here.

manual zipscreen via spring lock

3. Zip screen fabrics & colors

The fabric is on of the most important parts on the whole of zip screen blinds. For matching the users demands, we have developed many sunshade fabrics with different functions. You can custom your own zipscreen blinds in different fabrics from DS Shading. 

Below are our regular fabric types & colors. (Any other fabrics if need, pls contact us to confirm)

Blackout fabric of zipscreen blinds

Fabric Composition 50% polyester + 50% functional coating
Openness Factory blackout
UV Screen UPF≥50
Weight/m2 420g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.65mm ±0.02
Colour Fastness more than 6 grade

Zipscreen balckout fabric

5% openness fabric of zipscreen blinds

Fabric Composition 30% polyester + 70% PVC
Openness Factory 5%
UV Screen up to 95%
Weight/m2 525g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.7mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -3zipscreen fabric -1Zpscreen fabric -2

5% openness fabric of zipscreen blinds

Fabric Composition 30% polyester + 70% PVC
Openness Factory 5%
UV Screen up to 95%
Weight/m2 420g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.6mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -4

12% openness fabric of zipscreen blinds

Fabric Composition 47% polyester + 53% PVC
Openness Factory 12%
UV Screen 88%
Weight/m2 415g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.47mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -5

How to Install Zip Screen Blinds?

Zip screen is easy for installation, no professional is required. The whole of zipscreen blinds are pre-assemble in our factory, you only need to install it on the wall.

You also can refere our installation manual for get some help.

Installation Manual---Zipscreen.pdf

Zip Screen Blinds Manufacturer Videos

DS Shading as a leading zipscreen blinds manufacturer and supplier in China from 2006. We are more focuses on custom zipscreen blinds quality. From raw material process to products packages, a full set of process are have done in our own workshop and finished by ourselves. 

Our company has a professional technology research and development and quality control team. They are very professional in zipscreen blinds production and processing and quality detection.They could make sure our zipscreen quality good and stable. 

DS Shading committed to providing our customers with affordable zipscreen blinds with good quality.

Project Shows of Zip Screen 

Because of our excellent design & high quality, our zipscreen blinds are well received at home and abroad.

Zipscreen project 1zipscreen project 3

zipscreen project 4

Packages of Zip Screen Blinds

We use carton box with angle packages to pack our zipscreen blinds. This type carton box package is solid and won't get damdage during the shipping.

zipscreen packages