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Outdoor Motorized Windproof Zipscreen

  • DS701
  • White & Light Grey
  • Width: 0.8-5m; Height: 0.8-5m
  • Fiberglass sunscreen


* The Zipscreen system comes with high wind resist performanc, wind proof can get 130 km/h.

* Exclusive outdoor waterproof sunscreen fabric, color fastness can get 8 grade.

* Zipscreen comes with sun, rain, wind & insect prtection.

* Add privacy for your and your house.

* Widely used (hotel, eco house, sun room, balcony, villa and bussiness)

* Remote control gives you easy operate and the best enjoy

zipscreen 6

Material Specifications

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Alu. Cassette

95 x 95 x 2.0mm/115 x 115 x2.0mm

Alu. Roller tube

60 x 1.2mm/85 x 1.2mm

Alu. Side track

48.5 x 39 x 1.5mm

Alu. Bottom

30 x 50 x 1.5mm

Fabric material

Fiberglass sunscreen (blackout, 5% openness, 12% openness)

Control methods

Remote control/ wireless switch

Zipscreen material size

Size Specifications

Our regular size is width 0.7-5m, height 0.6-5m

(Any size pls consult us to confirm)

Zipscreen size


Frame color option

Regular color is white & light grey (Other colors can be customized)

zipscreen white framezipscreen grey frame

Control option

We use Dooya brand tubular motor on our zipscreen, stable operation of motor. The control device you can choose wireless remote control or wireless switch control.

zipscreen control device

Fabric Types & Color 

Below are our regular fabric types & colors. (Any other fabrics if need, pls contact us to confirm)

Blackout fabric

Fabric Composition 50% polyester + 50% functional coating
Openness Factory blackout
UV Screen UPF≥50
Weight/m2 420g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.65mm ±0.02
Colour Fastness more than 6 grade

Zipscreen balckout fabric

5% openness fabric

Fabric Composition 30% polyester + 70% PVC
Openness Factory 5%
UV Screen up to 95%
Weight/m2 525g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.7mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -3zipscreen fabric -1Zpscreen fabric -2

5% openness fabric

Fabric Composition 30% polyester + 70% PVC
Openness Factory 5%
UV Screen up to 95%
Weight/m2 420g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.6mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -4

12% openness fabric

Fabric Composition 47% polyester + 53% PVC
Openness Factory 12%
UV Screen 88%
Weight/m2 415g/m2 ±5%
Thickness 0.47mm ±5%
Colour Fastness 8 grade

zipscreen fabric -5


We use carton box with angle packages, package is solid

zipscreen packages

Project Shows

Zipscreen project 1zipscreen project 3

zipscreen project 4


Before the shipping, our each zipscreen need to test by our inspector. And we always will share our testing video to our each customers.