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Vinyl 3.5' Inch PVC Vertical Blinds

Vertical PVC Blinds are great for large windows and sliding glass doors. These pvc vertical blinds are an inexpensive and attractive way to cover your windows and doors. You can choose a dust cover to decorate your pvc vertical blinds. 
  • DS204


  • 3.5''

  • 35.4''-178''

  • 39.4''-144''

  • White, beige, grey

  • Vinyl (PVC)

  • Inside or Outside

  • Cordless via PVC wand


About DS Shading PVC Vertical Blinds

DS Shading PVC vertical blinds are made from high quality durable vinyl material, the blinds pvc vane is 3.5 inches wide and control operation with PVC wand. It's easily to operate and use. We usually custom pvc vertical blinds which according to our customers requirements, we help them to custom pvc vertical blinds in correct sizes & colors.

PVC Vertical Blinds provide a high-design style for large windows and sliding glass doors, not often found in vertical blinds products. Due to the obviously features of PVC vertical blinds, like modern, easy to clean & install, affordable which become a new choice for family in the market.

These PVC vertical blinds' beauty is matched with durability, too. They include a deluxe track with self-aligning carriers, a heavy-duty aluminum channel designed to ensure equal spacing. This greatly increases the good sense of use of the product.

Vinyl vertical blinds

Highlight Designs of DS Shading PVC Vertical Blinds

1. Wand Control of PVC Vertical Blinds

One safety PVC wand offers simplicity operation, a wand can realized pvc vertical blinds open & close & tilt. Wand control design limits some of the hazards associated with cord entanglement.

pvc vertical wand control

2. PVC Vertical Blinds Slat

We use 3.5 inch slat to design our pvc vertical blinds. PVC slat is rigid and glossy, it comes with good effect of blackout. When the outdoor sun is strong, it blocks the strong light and creates a comfortable environment for you.

pvc vertical blinds vane

3. Valance Design of PVC Vertical Blinds

A square corner valance gives a beauty decoration option for your vertical blind. We choose the valance with the same color matching as the vertical pvc blinds, so that the whole vertical pvc blinds can look more high-end.

pvc vertical blinds valance

4. PVC Vertical Blinds Head Rail

A high quality of aluminum head rail is matched with our vertical pvc blinds. The head rail design with self-aligning carriers to ensure equal spacing. This design also provide a easy way for pvc vertical blinds replacement slat

pvc vertical blinds' track

5. Stack Ways of PVC Vertical Blinds

On the design, we provide 3 type stack ways on PVC vertical blinds. You can choose any way which you like.

pvc vertical blinds stack ways

Custom PVC Vertical Blinds from DS Shading

1. Custom PVC Vertical Blinds Size

Any size of vertical pvc blinds can be custom in our here, pls confirm with us before you are ready to order.

Minimum width


Maximum width


Minimum height


Maximum height


PVC slat size


2. Custom PVC Vertical Blinds color

On the colors of PVC vertical blinds, we provide many colors option to help our customers to customize the unique products.

pvc vertical blinds colors

DS Shading PVC Vertical Blinds Display

PVC vertical blinds is easy for pull & twist via a wand, this design is more safe to home sun shade use. DS Shading as a largest manufacturer in various window treatment, we can custom PVC vertical blinds depend on your requirements. We also privide many options in size, color and materials for wholesale vertical blinds.