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What Does Full Cassette Awning Mean?

What is a full cassette awning? Many people have this question. Through the following brief introduction, I’m sure you can have a general understanding of the full cassette awning.

Full cassette awning is one of the type of retractable awning. It also be called as full cassette folding arm awning, full cassette patio awning or full cassette retractable awning. The motor of the full cassette awning is hidden inside the roller tube. Through the rotation of the motor drives the roller tube to realize the expansion of the fabric. When the motor unfolds the fabric, the spring force in the arms is used on the front bar to hold the fabric out and tighten. When the motor is rolled back, the motor overcomes the spring force to recycle the fabric to the roller tube to ensure that the fabric is not corroded by dust.

A full cassette awning is an enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover, and retractable arms are fully protected as they are stored in a closed cassette once retracted. The system can be controlled by manual, electric switch and remote control. Also can use weather sensor system to protect the device even if there is no one.

One of the most popular full cassette awnings is the type of DS003 The unique arm technology is made of high-tech spring designed to keep your awning safe and secure.