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2 Inch Cordless Gray Faux Wood Blinds

Gray faux wood blinds are designed with 2 Inch PVC faux wood slat. Simple cordless design gives users a good experience. Available in widely wide size like 35'', 45'', 52'', 58'', 71'' and widely color, like light gray or dark gray
  • DS202G
  • 2 inch
  • 18'' -110''
  • 18''-87''
  • Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Off white, Brown, Dark Brown, Walnut
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Inside or Outside

Material of 2 Inch Gray Faux Wood Blinds

Gray faux wood blinds are made from high quality durable polyvinyl chloride material (also called PVC), PVC slat of faux wood blinds is formed by extrusion and the PVC slat size is a standard as 2 Inch. They resist the tendency to warp with moisture like real wood blinds face over long periods of time. This PVC type slat is light weight, beauty, durable. Also it has advantages of easy to clean, waterproof, resistant to moisture, mould proof and anti-scratches. They are cost-effective and suitable for variety of applications, especially for kitchens, bedroom and bathrooms. The faux wood blinds with the natural wood look of real wood blinds, and it's a affordable faux wood blinds for many users. That's why faux wood blinds are popular in the market.

cordless faux wood blinds-6

Features of Gray Faux Wood Blinds

* Gray faux wood blinds can resist humidity and are immune to temperature fluctuations

* Widely size to custom, we will make the blinds size according to your demands

* Faux wood blinds are very resilient against stains and dirt and very easy to clean

* Flexible installation method, it can go with inside or outside mounting

* Widely color option and duplicate the colors of real wood

* 2 inch PVC slat are acceptable by most of markets to use

Custom Gray Faux Wood Blinds from DS Shading

1. Custom gray faux wood blinds color

We provide 3 colors to customize 2 inch gray faux wood blinds. From light gray color to dark gray color, all can be customized in our here.

gray color material

2. Custom size of gray faux wood blinds

Below is our standard size design scope, if you need other sizes, pls consult it to us.

Minimum width


Maximum width


Minimum height


Maximum height


PVC slat size



3'' & 3.25''

3. Custom control system for gray faux wood blinds

On the design of faux wood blinds, we provide 2 kinds of control system 

Corded 2 Inch gray faux wood blinds

left rope for tilt, right rope for lift

corded gray faux wood blinds

Cordless 2 Inch gray faux wood blinds

Wand for tilt, easily lift and lower with the touch of your hand

gray faux wood blins 3

Why DS Shading Can Be A Faux Wood Blinds Manufacturer In China?

DS Shading as a leading faux wood blinds manufacturer and supplier in China from 2006. We are more focuses on custom faux wood blinds quality. From raw material process to products packages, a full set of process are have done in our own workshop and finished by ourselves. 

Our company has a professional technology research and development and quality control team, they are from Taiwan, China. They are very professional in wood shutter production and processing and quality detection.They could make sure our faux wood blinds quality good and stable. 

DS Shading committed to providing our customers with affordable faux wood blinds with good quality.

Cordless & Corded Faux Wood Blinds Videos

DS Shading can help you to customize corded or cordless faux wood blinds which according to your requirements. Both of item are easy for operation and hot selling in oversea market.