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Wholesale and Custom Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds or sunscreen blinds can be customized with different size, fabric, color and accessories. Our sunscreen blinds are suitable for home, office, hotel and any place need to window treatment. DS Shading provide high quality with affordable price wholesale business for customers in many countries in the world.
  • DS110


  • 0.5-2.8 meters

  • 0.5-3m meters

  • Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Off white, Brown, White, Beige...

  • 70% PVC + 30% Poyester

  • Inside or Outside

  • sunscreen fabric (3%, 5% or 10% openness)

  • Corded by chain composition


About DS Shading Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are a very basic and yet functional type of window treatment for indoor or outdoor space in our daily life. As we know, UV is responsible for fading fabrics whilst infrared creates heat build up. So the fabric of our sunscreen roller blinds that we choose a high performance technical sunscreen fabric. It can block 95% sun's UV infrared light.

Sunscreen roller blinds significantly reduce the sun's glare whilst still allowing light through. The effect is similar to putting on a pair of sunglasses. The fabric has an open weave that allows a view out whilst still providing privacy. Sunscreen blinds are ideal for all type rooms where protection from the sun's heat and glare is required. 

Sunscreen roller blinds are widely be used in home, office, hotel, bank, cafe shop, villa and other any place which need sun protection. Especially, sunscreen roller blinds are good ideal for offices and home studies as they help cut reflections on computer screens. On the design of sunscreen roller blinds, child-safe and pet-safe with cordless control options are also available.

sunscreen blinds

Key Features of Sunscreen Roller Blinds

  • Sunscreen roller blinds with high performance sunscreen fabric

  • Sunscreen blinds are easy to install and use

  • Widely color option and size can be customized

  • Strong customization, a variety of styles

  • Nearly invisible when rolled up, allowing for maximum window visibility

  • Sunscreen blinds costs is lowest more than any other type window treatment

Benefits of Sunscreen Roller Blinds

  • Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays and prevents furniture from fading

  • Blocks 95% of infrared rays to keep room cool

  • Reduces glare whilst still allowing light through

  • Sunscreen blinds size to fit your window exactly

  • See-through to enjoy the view

  • High quality control mechanism

  • Lightweight operation

sunscreen blinds details

Custom Your Sunscreen Roller Blinds

1. Specifications of Sunscreen Roller Blinds



Roller tube

25 x 0.4mm

28 x 0.6mm; 28 x 0.8mm

38 x 0.8mm; 38 x 1.0mm


Round, diameter 15mm

Rectangle, 31 x 12.5mm

Oval, 22mm

Size design scope

Width: 0.5-2.8m

Height: 0.5-3m

Sunscreen fabric

3%-5% openness

Various colors

Control type

Corded by chain composition

2. Choose Roller Tube

We use high quality aluminum roller tube to design sunscreen roller blinds. Aluminum tube comes with lightweight and won't get rust during the long time using. Our roller tube comes with white decorative coating, it looks pretty nice.

roller tube

3. Choose Bottom

Same as our sunscreen blinds roller tube, the roller blinds bottom also is aluminum material. 

We provide several shapes of bottom for better custom your sunscreen roller blinds.

Sunscreen roller blinds bottom

4. Choose Control Clutch

There are dozens of style control clutch can be used in our sunscreen roller blinds design. 

Below are our some hot selling clutch modles. Other clutch if you need, pls confirm with us.

sunscreen roller blinds clutch

5. Choose Sunscreen Fabric

Sunscreen fabric is a functional fabric, it can block harmful UV and infrared from the sun. At the same time has excellent waterproof function and flame retardant function. We choose sunscreen fabric with 3%, 5%, 10% openness. Maxally retains the circulation of indoor air, also easy see through to enjoy the view. We offer a variety of color options of sunscreen fabric for better custom sunscreen blinds.

Below are our hot selling sunscreen fabrics. If any other fabricsn you want, pls contact us directly. 

sunscreen fabric

Why Choose Custom Sunscreen Roller Blinds 

from DS Shading Company ?

DS Shading supplies wholesale sunscreen roller blinds for retailer, wholesaler, various trading platform and local building material market. Because the sunscreen blinds is economical and practical, it comes with lower & cheap price compare with any other window treatments. The decorative features of sunscreen blinds are diversified, and the colors can match the color of the house. So it can deeply loved by users at home and abroad.

Due to the diversified demand of sunscreen roller blinds in the market, in order to cater to the user preferences and different policies on sunscreen roller blinds in different countries. DS Shading has invested a large amount of resources in the design and production of sunscreen roller blinds/roller shades, to always maintain high quality standards, which allows us to achieve good qualities and an excellent level of competitiveness. It is the wise choice to wholesale and custom sunscreen roller blinds from DS Shading.

sunscreen roller blinds production 1sunscreen roller blinds production