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Charcoal Color Full Cassette Patio Awning



  • 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m

  • White, grey, black, charcoal

  • 3 x 2m, 3.5 x 2.5m, 4 x 3m, 4 x 3.5m, 5 x 3m

  • 280gsm polyester, 300gsm 100% solution dyed acrylic (Waterproof & UV resist)

  • Full Cassette

  • 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m


Features of Full Cassette Patio Awning

* Compact structure and elegant modern appearance.

* Full cassette patio awning frame are made of high strength aluminum alloy material and equip with stainless steel parts.

* Powder coating make sure the coating won't drop out.

* Closed cassette gives your fabric & moving arms the maximum protection. Reduce maintenance costs.

* Special treatments on fabric, it comes with the function of mold-proof, water-proof, stain resistant and UV protection.

* Full cassette patio awning with adjustable pitch, angle can be adjusted from 15°- 30°

* Offering many types of control for matching your difference needs.

Charcoal color full cassette awning

Technical Specifications of Full Cassette Patio Awning


Aluminum frame + Shade fabric

Alu. Cassette

Top cassette: 165 x 48 x 2.2mm

Bottom cassette: 157 x 125 x 2.2mm

Alu. Arms

Big arm: 60 x 31 x 2.2mm

Small arm: 51 x 26 x 2.2mm

Alu. Roller tube

Φ78 x 1.0mm

Alu. Front bar

120 x 64 x 2.2mm

Standard brackets configuration

Width 2m-5m awning equip with 2 pcs wall brackets; Width 5.5m-6m awning equip with 3 pcs wall brackets

Control methods

Manual only; remote control/wireless switch only; manual + remote control; manual + remote control + LED lighting; solar sensor (Wind Sun & Rain)

Awning fabric

280gsm Polyester

300gsm 100% solution dyed acrylic

Size Specifications of Full Cassette Patio Awning

Charcoal color full cassette awning size



 2.0m  2.5m   3.0m   3.5m   4.0m   4.5m   5.0m   5.5m    6m
≈ 6.5ft ≈ 8.2ft ≈ 9.8ft ≈ 11.5ft ≈ 13.1ft ≈ 14.8ft ≈ 16.4ft ≈ 18.0ft ≈ 19.7ft
1.5m ≈ 4.9ft

2.0m ≈ 6.5ft

2.5m ≈ 8.2ft

3.0m ≈ 9.8ft

3.5m ≈ 11.5ft

PS: only for 5.5m width awning, the maximum projection size actually is 3.4m

Optional for Full Cassette Patio Awning

4 colors option for full cassette patio awning cassette

Bright white, Bright black, Bright gray, Charcoal

full cassette awning

Installation brackets option for full cassette patio awning

Alu. wall brackets, steel ceiling brackets, beam ceiling brackets

full cassette awning installation brackets

LED lines option for full cassette patio awning

12V LED lines can be added in the folding arms, provides many an enjoyable moment for you.

6500K & 2700K LED lines are available

full cassette awning LED lighting

charcoal color full cassette with led lines charcoal color full cassette awning with LED

Valance option for full cassette patio awning

You can choose to add valance design on the front bar of full cassette patio awning or not

full cassette awning-3

Control option for full cassette patio awning

Manual via hand crank control; Motorized via remote control/wireless switch

Manual + remote control; Manual + remote control + LED lighting.

Any motorized mode can plus solar Wind Sun and Rain sensor.

full cassette awning control methods

Plug option for full cassette patio awning

For motorized awning, we can replace your full cassette awning plug as your local plug type if you need, easy for your using. Offering National standard plugs, American standard plug, British standard plug, Europlug. 

(other type plug also can be customized in our here)

Fabric option for full cassette patio awning

1. 280gsm polyester fabric, comes with waterproof coating & UV resist; color fastness 4-5 grade

2. 300gsm 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric, excellent anti-UV performance; color fastness 7-8 grade

3. More than 50 colors for choosing, click to pick your favorite colors FABRIC SWATCHES

Full Cassette Patio Awning Packages

We use carton box with angle packages for FCL awnings; woode case packages for LCL awnings.

full cassette awning packages

Full Cassette Patio Awning Images

charcoal color full cassette awning-9charcoal color full cassette awning-10 charcoal color full cassette awning-12 charcoal color full cassette awning-13 charcoal color full cassette awning-15 charcoal color full cassette awning-16 charcoal color full cassette awning-11 charcoal color full cassette awning-14

Full Cassette Patio Awning Video Display

Our full cassette patio awning finish with high quality powder coating, the matte charcoal coating on the awning surface comes with high anti-scratch performance.