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Retractable Awnings

Patio and balcony awnings for the more exacting customer: high quality solar protection "100% Made in China"

The sun smiles down on an awning. Life smiles on you under DS Shading retractable awnings. Hours of relaxation and recuperation or get-togethers with family and friends, these are those precious moments when you can live your outdoor life to the fullest with retractable awnings. A luxury retractable awning from DS Shading not only gives you shade, but it also offers new opportunities to enjoy life. Retractable patio awnings provide protection on hot days and make for a cozy ambience long after the sun has set. In choosing a  retractable awnings in our here for your balcony.

A long-serving, weatherproof folding-arm or pergola awning, the market leader in awnings, enlarges your living area in an aesthetically pleasing and technically attractive way. By virtue of its stability, even in wind and light rain if set at the correct pitch, our classic patio and balcony awnings as well as our side blinds can be counted on to protect you reliably.
And, fitted with first-class accessories such as well-designed LED lighting or weather sensor, these retractable patio awnings create a cosy atmosphere on your patio or balcony even long after the sun has disappeared below the horizon.

The decision to choose a DS Shading retractable awning is a decision to opt for optimum quality - and a stylish shading solution that allows you to enjoy carefree hours in your favourite spot outdoors - your whole life long. Do browse through our range of products and configure an retractable awning that meets your taste and requirements.

Which Retractable Awning Best Suits Your Patio or Balcony?